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Soulful Strength Summit

August 19th & 20th | Portland, OR

A Brilliant NEW Vision for Inspiring Holistic Health & Vibrant Energy Through Living a Truly “F.I.T.” Functional, Intentional, Therapeutic Life!


Discover a mind-body connection designed to ignite your spirit, empower your mind, and motivate you to strengthen your body every day.


If you’re struggling with why you can’t just MAKE it happen - whether that’s losing weight, improving your health and fitness, feeling more focused and balanced, or even experiencing greater happiness - know that you are NOT alone!


Join Australian Fitness Trainer, Health & Wellness Coach, Mark Moon, and Renowned Energy Healer & Spiritual Guide, Aymey Sangill, for this Inspirational and Interactive weekend of health, wellness and vibrant living!


If you are willing to allow some vulnerability and be open to trying new things, this two-day event will help you find clarity around your present life and create a vision for your next steps to greater health and happiness.


In This Soulful Strength Summit You Will:

  • Discover realistic techniques that will help you tap into and ignite the internal spark of life you’ve been missing!

  • Learn ways to move through your current emotional, energetic and physical blocks!

  • Custom-design achievable steps that will easily fit into your busy life and strengthen your current fitness goals!

  • Create a clearer more balanced mindset that will deepen your connection to self and what inspires your energetic spirit!

  • Uncover what drives your daily mind-body choices! (Hint: It’s not willpower.)


But my life is already SO BUSY!


We get it . . . life is busy! And you don’t always feel motivated for that morning meditation, set of jumping jacks or taking those slow deep breaths in the midst of stressful moments. Yet these may be the very things connected to the healthier, more vibrant, happier you.

Not ready to commit just yet? That's ok, no worries! You can connect with us by providing your email below, and we'll send you more information on Early-Bird Pricing and exciting updates as we get closer to the summit!

There are only 30 spots available and they WILL fill quickly! Join the movement now and we’ll send you more information soon!

Ready Now? Great! Click on the following link, and purchase your tickets before August 13th to SAVE $22 with Special Early-Bird Pricing!

Purchase Tickets Here:

Are you ready for some Soulful Strength in your life?

Presented By:

Soma Space

4050 NE Broadway St.

Portland, Oregon 97232

Renowned Energy Healer & Spiritual Guide:
Aymey Sangill

Australian Fitness Trainer & Wellness Coach:
Mark Moon

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