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Amy "Amelia" Sangill

Clairvoyant Psychic Medium
Sparkling Spiritual Guide
Chakra & Energy Clearings


Hi, I'm Amelia. It's lovely to meet you!

I'll be your Sparkling Spiritual Guide while you're here! I'm thrilled to be a part of your exciting journey. Be sure to explore the whos, how-tos and what-fors sections of this site. 


My work is inspired by connecting with everyday magic, seasons of the year, the five natural elements, divine synchronicities, glimmers of true joy, stepping into alignment with future opportunities, and relishing unmistakeable moments of inner knowing. It's like riding a wave of light, when all things are "clicking", your high-vibing self is in the groove, and everything keeps falling into place!

Interested in healing and releasing the past? How about living more intentionally in the present moment? Receiving messages from your spirit guides and loved ones who have crossed over? Finally embracing the wondrous adventures the future holds in store?


Well, let's go, time is ticking! By clearing and balancing the energies around you, we'll work together with your guides and angels to connect to the divinity within, and clear the way for new opportunities and an abundance of Universal love!


What People Are Saying...

"Truly an incredible reading! I was gifted with emotionally healing messages from my family and guides, and a loving connection with the Divine. Energetically-clearing, heart-opening, and powerfully insightful. My work with Amelia has cleared away so many old emotional blocks and stagnant energies, helping me become aware of the thoughts and patterns that were holding me back from living a life with more intention and moments of joy."

"Our session ignited a serious Light in me! I felt renewed inspiration to be deeply truthful with myself in the future. Really embracing the work that feeds my soul, and continuing to notice the signs from my guides and angels along the way."


"An absolute gift! Amelia comes from a place of such deep compassion, grounded in Divine light, and surrounded by the beautiful positive energies and beings she works with in every single session."

~ Becca L.

“I have had the most healing and powerfully productive sessions when working with Amelia! Her uplifting presence, professionalism, and the validating messages she delivers from my loved ones, are profoundly inspiring gifts. This lady is plugged-in! I am always super impressed and thankful she was so highly recommended to me. I'm so filled with love and appreciation." 

~ Rowena M.

"Amelia, thank you for pulling me back from the abyss yesterday! I was so exhausted and worn out with everything going on. You are an amazing healer, within minutes of our session I felt better and less stressed. Your voice is so lovely, you gave me strength to complete my day, and today I can still feel the positive and calming effects of your work. Grateful for you!"

~ Lauren C.

"An AMAZING intuitive guide and energy worker! Each time, I walk away from our sessions with a deeper level of understanding of who I am, and how I've been shaped by my experiences. Amelia is SUPERB at 'peeling back the onion' and a tremendous catalyst at helping me to forgive and move on from past pain. Our work together brought about incredibly joy-filled experiences and new growth in my life.  I felt literally 'high on life' for weeks afterwards!  If you're willing to invest in yourself, Amelia, is the one to see. She is a beautiful soul and a very gifted guide. Thank you!"

~ Alia K.

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