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Your Ultimate Intuitive Guide, Enthusiastic Energy Practitioner, and Creative Spirit with lots of sparkle! 


My life's work is passionately inspired by working with clients to help release the stuck energy in their lives. And by doing so, revealing a deeper sense of self love, personal awareness, and healing that we sometimes all crave in life. (I call this "Doing the Work!") Energetically this makes room for creating and participating in more moments of joy, happiness, and soul fulfillment throughout your journey. Clearing away the stagnant energies that often surround us, naturally raises our everyday energetic vibration! Allowing you to express your truest and most authentic, amazing self!

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"I'm honored and inspired by the number of people who tell me that our work together has sparked deep and meaningful insight,

and positive shifts

in their lives and

personal journeys."  


"The energy work I do truly opens people up 

to invite in more

light and self-healing. 

Inspiring heart-centered connection and deepening life purpose."

~Amy Sangill


What People Are Saying...

“Amy was incredibly insightful, clear and such a fantastic person to work with. She was a great match for my business and everything I needed to get done, (and either didn't want to do myself, or didn't know how!) I was absolutely impressed with the depth she brought to my website content and marketing through her writing. Everything was done with my vision in mind, and Amy was able to bring it to life! Our work together left me inspired and re-energized towards continuing to grow my business in the right direction. Thank you again Amy, I look forward to next time!”

~Laurel G.   

“The work Amy did for me was nothing short of excellent! She connected with my clients in such a compassionate way, while also getting to the heart of my business needs. Her insights and organizational ideas are incredible. I was so impressed with her ease at creating such personalized systems and easy marketing. After my work with Amy, I felt lighter and deeply empowered!”

~ Sonam K.

“Amy truly has so many amazing gifts! Her positive energy, creative ideas, and uncanny insights are simply profound, I felt like I was talking to a long lost friend. I am deeply thankful and immediately felt a depth of relief, support, inspiration the whole time I worked with Amy. We all need a positive boost, some insight and clarity in our lives, and working with Amy was the perfect gift to myself!”

~ Brandon B.

“I had such a fun and powerfully productive time working with Amy this past week! The professionalism and experience she brings to the table is an amazing gift, not only for my business but for my life! I was deeply impressed and so thankful she was so highly recommended. I feel so much love and appreciation. Thank you, Amy!”

~ Kahren O.