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Amy Sangill

Clairvoyant Medium

& Energy Practitioner


Hi! I'm Amy Sangill,

Your Sparkling Intuitive Guide and Energy Practitioner at your service! 


My work is passionately inspired by helping others to release the "stuck-in-the-muck" energies in their lives. You know, those icky, negative, distracting thoughts that keep you from either releasing the past, living fully in the present moment, or embracing whatever wonderous journey the future holds for you? Well! By clearing and balancing these energies, we will work together with your guides and angels, connect to the divinity within you, and the Universal Source love and truth supporting you always. 


This is my BRIGHT & BOLD Invitation to work together to lovingly embrace and live your truest and most authentic, amazing self!

The way to connect with more

Intention, Inspiration & Light

in YOUR life starts here!

Are You Ready?

Want to learn more about me and the work I do?



"I'm honored and inspired by the number of people who tell me that our work together has sparked deep,

 meaningful insights

and positive shifts

in their lives and

daily journeys."  


"The energy work I do truly opens people up 

to invite in more

light and self-healing. 

Inspiring heart-centered connections and deepening life purpose."

~Amy Sangill


What People Are Saying...

"Such a wonderful reading, both energetically-clearing and cognitively-transformative. Amy cleared away several old blockages and stagnant energy, all while helping me become aware of the thought patterns that were holding me back from living a more fulfilling life. Our session lit a serious Light in me! A renewed inspiration to be deeply truthful with myself in the future, to embrace the work that feeds my soul, and to continue to notice the messages from my guides and angels along the way! I believe that Amy's insightful gifts come from a place of deep compassion and educated experience, grounded in Divine light and the beautiful positive energies around us."

~ K. Hirstein

“I had the most healing and powerfully productive time working with Amy over a course of sessions! The professionalism, truthfulness of the messages she delivers, and the energetic insight she brings to the table are some truly inspiring gifts. This girl is Plugged-In! I was super impressed and thankful she was so highly recommended to me. I feel so much love and appreciation. Thank you, Amy!”

~ L. Arlington

"Amy, thank you for pulling me back from the abyss yesterday! I was so exhausted and worn out with everything going on. You are an amazing healer, within minutes of our session I felt better and less stressed. Your voice is so lovely, you gave me strength to complete my day, and today I can still feel the positive and calming effects. Grateful for you!"

~ K. Chok

"An absolutely AMAZING intuitive guide and energy worker! Each time, I walk away from our sessions with a deeper level of understanding of who I am, and how I've been shaped by my experiences. She is SUPERB at 'peeling back the onion,' and was a tremendous catalyst at helping me to forgive and move on from past pain, which brought about incredibly joy-filled experiences and new growth in my life.  I felt literally 'high on life' for weeks afterwards!  If you're willing to invest in yourself, Amy is one to go to. She is a beautiful soul and a very gifted guide. Thank you!"

~ J. Schiller

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