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How to Prepare for a Reading...

Depending on what kind of session you have chosen, Amy will help you to dive deeply

into your highest wisdom and divine guidance with messages from your loved ones,

guides and angels. She will clear and balance the energies around you,

and bring insight to your current path and opportunities already on their way!


Ready to get started? Once you’ve chosen and purchased your session,

here are some suggested ways to best prepare. Enjoy!


  • Find a quiet and comfortable place for the length of your session, where you can relax and remain undisturbed.

  • Come with an open heart and mind, clearing your thoughts of any negativity or stress as best you can.

  • Have a glass of water or hot tea nearby, and cozy up with a blanket if you like.

  • Set your personal intentions and write down any questions you may have for your session, opening yourself to receive the loving messages waiting for you.

  • Have a notebook and pen nearby to write notes during your session. You are also welcome to record our session together to listen to later.


  • Take a few moments before the call to take a few deep breaths and relax, spend some time with quiet energies and your highest guidance, feeling at ease and calm.


  • Sessions with Amy are of the Highest Light. Please know that anything that comes through is for your inspiration, healing and highest good. It is often both a joyous and a healing experience. Also know that if someone comes through whom you do not wish to hear from, simply let Amy know and she will gently move on.

  • At the start of the reading, Amy will typically explain her process, then connect and share the information she’s given. She will usually provide time towards the end of the session for questions that have yet to be answered. Brief confirmation from you is always helpful to know that the information given is clearly for you and that we are on the right track.

  • After your session is complete, you may want to spend some time writing or sitting in quiet meditation with the information that came through. Know that some things will often become clearer over the next few days, or after sharing some of these messages with your loved ones who may provide additional confirmation and details.

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