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How to Prepare for a Reading...

Ready to get started? Once you’ve scheduled your session with Amelia,

check out these suggested ways to prepare for some Divine Magic!

  • Seek out a quiet, and comfortable place for the length of your session. Where you can relax and remain undisturbed by other beings, pets, noises, or distracting activities.

  • Come with an open heart and mind, willing to receive the goodness awaiting you.

  • Set personal intentions, and writing down any questions you may have for your reading.

  • Have glass of water or tea nearby, a tissue box, and a cozy blanket if you wish.

  • Bring a personal journal or notebook, and pen to take notes during your reading.

  • Pause for a moment, beforehand. Taking a few deep breaths, relax, quieting your mind and nerves. Connecting to your highest guidance, inviting in feelings of ease, faith and calm.

  • Sessions with Amelia, are of the highest light and most loving intention. Any messages that comes through are meant for your highest good and energetic healing process. Readings can often be both, surprisingly joyful and deeply emotional experiences. Staying open, curious, and respectful of any information is most helpful and appreciated.

  • At the start of each reading, Amelia will typically explain her process, then connect with Sprit and channel the information she’s given. There will be time, usually provide towards the end of the session, for any remaining questions that you wish to ask.

  • Acknowledgements: Brief confirmations from you are always welcome! It's helpful to know when the information being given makes sense to you, and that we are on the right track.

  • After your session, you may wish to spend some time writing, or sitting in quiet meditation with the information that came through. Know that some things will often become clearer over time, or after sharing some of these messages with your loved ones, who may be able to provide additional confirmation or details.​

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